American Life Coach Academy

Trainings for the Professional Life Coach


  • Is this Certification through the ICF?

    American Life Coach Academy is an approved course through the International Coach Federation. This course will give you 30 hours of ACSTH and will get you on your way to your new career as a life Coach. Other hours are required if you would like to become ACC which we are approved for as well.

  • Will I be Certified as a Professional Life Coach once I have completed the course?

    Yes. You will be a Certified Life Coach at the end of the course. You must pass all quizzes and exams as well complete each lesson as required.

  • What can I do with my certification with American Life Coach Academy?

    Upon completion of this course, you will be able to start coaching clients and consumers. You can start your own life coaching business or obtain employment as a Certified Life Coach immediately.

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